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First APY auto stake token on CRO with 70,000% fixed APY


The CronoYield Auto-Stake feature provides a very easy way of earning passive income for holders. Simply buy and hold $CRNY token in your wallet, watch as your portfolio grows via automatic dividend payments directly into your wallet. Your holdings will increase every 15 minutes.

Using an innovative approach, CronoYield makes it possible for token distribution to be paid directly, proportional to the investors' holdings every 15-minute period. These rewards are distributed and Compounded In each succeeding 15-minute period to all $CRNY holders.

This auto-staking process translates to 70,000% fixed annual percentage yield (APY) for $CRNY holders which they get to enjoy without having to move their tokens in into another staking platform.

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CronoYield Investor Fund (CIF)

This is an innovative protocol fund that rewards CronoYield diamond-hand holders. 2% of every buy/sell transaction automatically gets stored in a special wallet called the CronoYield Investor Fund (CIF) wallet.

Every 7 days, the accumulated amount in the CIF pool will be redistributed and shared to all holders who did not sell any $CRNY tokens within that 7-day period.

Apart from the auto-stake feature, all diamond-hand holders also get rewarded through redistribution of the proceeds of the investor fund wallet. This is a one of a kind incentive for investors looking to earn more by just holding over a 7-day period.



Buy and Sell Tax:12%


2% LP
2% Development
2% Auto Stake
2% Investors Fund
4% marketing

Recommended Slippage: 13-14%




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CronoYield?

CronoYield is the first ever high APY protocol project on the Cronos chain. It utilizes cutting-edge DeFi innovation that creates benefits and value for $CRNY token holders. The high returns that holders of $CRNY benefit from are not limited to just staking rewards.


There is also an investor fund redistributed to diamond hand holders every 7 days.
CronoYield has created a decentralized financial asset which rewards holders with a sustainable and fixed annual percentage return through its auto-staking feature.

How to stake $CRNY?

CronoYield utilizes the Auto-stake feature to provides holders with a simpler way to receive staking rewards. Simply hold $CRNY in your wallet and you will automatically receive staking rewards every 15 minutes.

When will the holders start to get the staking rewards?

The staking rewards will begin to accrue 15 minutes after launch and every holder will start getting their staking rewards from that time. The diamond handers will in addition to the staking rewards, receive their share of the CronoYield Investor Fund (CIF) after every 7 days, provided that they did not sell any $CRNY token within that  same period.

How will the presale work on GemPad?

The CronoYield presale will be hosted on Gempad as a public presale. Have CRO ready in your wallets for the presale as per minimum and maximum buys, whatever amount you decide on to purchase. Once the presale period is done and provided that at least the Soft Cap (SC) is filled, launching shall commence after exactly 24 hours.


CronoYield Documentation

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